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Specific courses and a minimum number of college credits are required to earn your bachelor's degree. 一些学生将完成他们所有的课程要求, 但还需要更多的学分才能达到最低毕业学分. Some students may have more credits than the minimum and still need to take more required courses for their major, 通识教育或通识教育. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about your degree requirements.


    Course requirements


    • 40 upper-division credits (courses at community colleges are all lower-division courses, 所以他们不计入这个要求)
    • 在凯发k8ag旗舰厅登录完成30个学分
    • 通识教育40学分
    • 8个高年级文科学分
    • 3 种族问题毕业要求 credits
      • 所有专业的学分要求
      • Elective credits (if you are short of the 120 total credits required for graduation)


      • 明尼苏达转学课程: 40 credits. 目标区域1-10由明尼苏达社区学院A.A. degree. They are not met by A.S. or A.A.在明尼苏达州以外的社区大学就读.
      • Liberal studies: 8 credits.
        • These credits must be:
          • 高级通识教育课程(300至500级)
          • 指定为通识课程
        • These credits are not:
          • completed by AA, AAS or AS degrees or the 明尼苏达转学课程
          • met by any community college course (all community college courses are lower division, 包括符合专业要求的课程)


      All new or readmitted undergraduate students admitted fall 2016 or later must complete an approved learning experience (at least 3 credits) with a significant focus on race and racism to graduate with a bachelor's degree from the university. Upon review, 认可的先前学习, independent study, theory seminar or transfer course from other accredited institutions may also be used to meet this graduation requirement.

      More about RIGR

      Major courses

      • Check your major's requirements or meet with your academic advisor to learn about the requirements.
      • 一些专业有基础课程或预录取课程. These courses must be completed first and they may have minimum grade requirements. You may have to wait to declare your major until foundation or pre-admission courses, if any, are complete.
      • 所有专业都有必修课.
      • 许多专业都有特定的课程安排.
      • 在上更高级的课程之前,你必须先修预科课程. 在课程描述中可以找到先决条件.
      • 许多专业都有选修课. 这些通常是高级课程(300到500级). 而有些专业让你选择自己的选修课, 其他学校则有一系列的选修课供学生选择.
      • 许多专业最后都有必修课程. These are required for graduation and should be completed at the end of the degree. 顶点课程通常有先决条件或学分完成要求.